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We are committed to giving the user flexibility and affordability without comprising simplicity by supplying products that are universal across all operating systems.

Simply Put

If you buy a keyboard, mouse or gamepad, all you have to do is plug it in and it should work. You shouldn't have to load drivers, the device should do that for you. You also, shouldn't have to worry about whether or not the device you just purchased will work with your current operating system. The engineers at Deviant Electronics are constantly thinking up new ways to ensure that you won't have to download and install new drivers while having absolute peace of mind that once you do purchase your device, it will work without hassle, the first time, every time.

Most PC games are Windows compatible, and as such gamepad manufacturers tailor their product to the masses. There are a select few gamepads, at best, that are compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, and even then they are limited in which games they can play. Furthermore, some games don't even allow the user the ability to use a gamepad at all, regardless of the operating system. So between the game developers and the operating system designers the user may find themselves in a situation wherein their gamepad simply doesn't work all the time.

Our Promise to You

Although challenging, Deviant Electronics has managed to develop software that can guarantee your gamepad will work on every game, on every operating system. The sole requirement is that the computer has a USB port. So if you have a computer with a USB port, then there is no game in existence that cannot be played by our controllers. Furthermore, all of our controllers come with the following features

  • No lag
  • Plug n Play
  • Software Updates
  • Customizable Settings

Design Team

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